Published July 2, 2024


Hygienic Team group shot architects engineers MSKTD & Associates

Many companies try to gain new business by showcasing their top-of-mind clients and promoting their best projects. (Think success stories, case studies, and online reviews.) Here at MSKTD, however, the Hygienic Facility Design team earns repeat business by holding projects close to the vest and keeping our client’s information radio silent and secure.

Our Hygienic Facility Design team specializes in creating solutions for clients with advanced manufacturing and “clean” or sanitary environments, and those projects often require strict confidentiality, sometimes until well after the product goes to market. Strict confidentiality is a pre-requisite for establishing and maintaining trust for any work this design group does because people’s jobs, trade secrets, and even supply chain security are on the line.

“Our clients’ success depends on being first to market,” said Brent Doctor, MSKTD Principal and team leader. “These days, information travels faster than ever before, but we aren’t going to be the source of a leak.”

Confidentiality measures start with signing non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), before even knowing the name of a project. Our team takes the extra step of giving each of those projects a code name within the MSKTD office, because having processes in place to mitigate risk down to the smallest details ensures we maintain the client’s trust and that is everything. “Even when clients don’t put a non-disclosure in front of us,” said Brent, “we still act the same way. We don’t talk about the name, location, or size of a project until they say it’s okay. They have a proprietary model, and we can’t let the word out.”

Another way our Hygienic Facility Design team implements confidentiality measures is by leveraging the expertise of our in-house structural, civil, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) engineers, which limits the project’s exposure even further. In the process, our in-house engineer teams have developed specialized expertise, insights, knowledge, and know-how for the unique requirements of clients who are based both locally [Indiana] and across the nation.

“We’re not designing a generic facility that someone can stuff a process into,” said Paul Lindsay, Principal and team leader. “Each project is tailored to a specific process that meets our client’s need. Our job is to understand their business and production goals and develop a design that is fully integrated to address those needs.”

Ben Greenberg, Senior Associate and project manager, agrees. “Regardless of what we do or where we go, the end goal is always the same: to make our clients successful. We are trusted with information that keeps projects, people, and jobs safe.”

The nearly 40 years MSKTD has been working in the advanced manufacturing and hygienic facility field has enabled us to build a reputation for being trustworthy and to deliver on our promises. And while the parameters might change from client to client and project to project, information protection is clearly a cornerstone of our work. What doesn’t change is the team’s discipline to maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process, because we understand that if our client’s success depends on it, then so does ours.

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