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Always Up For The Challenge: Spotlight on Bob Patton, LEED AP

Bob‘s focus is to continue to discover how MSKTD can make our service better than anywhere else.

Celebrating Ash Skyline Plaza’s Continuing Influence and Impact on Fort Wayne

Why Landscape Architecture Is Essential for Overall Project Success

If you think landscape architecture is limited to a “finishing touches” role in a build project and simply offers curb appeal, think again!

Top 5 Campus Housing Design Trends – Appealing to Today’s College Student

While cost is still the number one factor in seeking a post-secondary education, students consistently rank housing as one of their top considerations when deciding where to go to school.

Senior Associate Spotlight: Kyle Barnett, LEED AP

Unlike other firms that tend to specialize, MSKTD offers the “whole architect” experience, something Kyle considers a real advantage. “Every handoff is the opportunity to lose knowledge.”