Landscape Architecture

Creative and thoughtful landscape design and site development add a level of sophistication and performance to a project. An effective landscape design can provide engaging, immersive visitor experiences or a place for inspiration and renewal – it can even support and build corporate brand identity. Landscape architecture influences where we live, where we work, where we play, where we heal, and where we grow.

Early planning for vehicular circulation, surface drainage, sustainability, and potential future expansion is critical to an informed site development. Understanding the demands on a site from the user perspective from function, to convenience, to enjoyment, is vital to great design. Whether it is through the eyes of a child, a patient, an athlete, the crew that maintains the space, the owner who is working to build something great, or the voices working to protect something vulnerable, MSKTD will work to understand the needs for your project, your concern, and your vision.

Let us elevate your project to the next level!


  • Master Planning
  • Campus Planning
  • Site Design
  • Play Environments
  • Estate and commercial garden design
  • Zoo Master Planning & Infrastructure Design
  • Zoo Exhibit Programming, Exhibit Design, & Theme Development
  • Sustainable Design


  • Healthcare
  • Civic and Corporate
  • Academic (Higher Education & K-12)
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Zoological