MSKTD's in-house Mechanical, Electrical, Structural & Civil Engineers have the skills, knowledge, resources and manpower to provide sound engineering solutions for projects of any size and complexity.

MSKTD Engineering uses proven design approaches combined with innovative, cutting-edge technologies to design engineering systems for our clients. We distinguish that engineering systems are essential constituent parts of any building and we work together in partnership with other discipline team members incorporating such into your building. The result: An energy efficient, sustainable building, with integrated systems that exceed owner expectations.

We take into account each part of a facility’s systems to ensure the system as a whole operates at optimum energy efficiency and performance. This design approach is not restricted to only mechanical and electrical systems but also incorporates all aspects of the building design. The goal is to maximize the energy efficiency and performance of the facility by analyzing the correlation between all aspects of the project: building site selection, building structure, energy source selection, building materials, acoustics, lighting, and technology. This whole building approach results in optimal building efficiency, building comfort, indoor air quality, building performance and economy.