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New Projects

MSKTD continually helps clients deliver better healthcare. Our experienced team designs facilities that enable doctors and nurses to improve patient care. Some of our most recent projects are featured below:

Specialty Care

As healthcare continues to evolve, so do the areas of specialty practice. MSKTD remains dedicated to providing our clients with the unique and specialized facilities that their area of practice demands.

We have developed the expertise to accommodate today's technological advancements in a medical environment. These facilities don't just meet the code requirements, but rather are designed to maximize the performance and care that these highly trained medical specialists provide to their patients.


The operating rooms for today's state-of-the-art surgery suites and centers are highly regulated and frequently scrutinized. Our healthcare experts possess the requisite knowledge to not only meet the code requirements, but to also implement design features that will accommodate the specialized equipment and preferences of surgical teams.

In addition, the pre/post operation rooms are carefully designed with infectious control measures in mind.

Imaging & Diagnostics

Technological advancements are constantly being made in healthcare, many of them impacting imaging & diagnostics. MSKTD continues to provide designs for MRI Suites, Cath Labs (including hybrid labs) and other interventional radiology suites. We routinely design CT scan suites and more conventional imaging areas as well.

Medical facilities must be adaptable to the specific requirements that new imaging/diagnostic equipment require. Some of these instruments demand a very unique environment in order to achieve peak performance and accuracy.

Our team of architects, engineers, and designers understand that healthcare design is very demanding. Through developed expertise, maintenance of continuing education requirements, and specialized certifications we are able to provide our clients a very high level of service.

Emergency & Trauma

When a medical emergency occurs, everyone deserves the best care possible while minimizing the stress that such an event creates for the family and/or friends of patient.

MSKTD designs facilities that create optimal environments for patient care as well as comfort for the family and/or friends that accompany the ailing. Our team takes pride in taking such a balanced approach.

Master Planning & Development

As hospitals grow to meet the demands of their community, they must balance their short-term needs with their long-term goals. Our team of experts regularly assist hospitals in this area.

At first glance this may not appear to dramatically impact the quality of care that a patient receives; however, it directly impacts the current and future operations of the healthcare campus and how it is perceived by patients, visitors and healthcare staff alike.

Our expertise and experience allows us to effectively guide the hospital leadership through this process so that they can make the best decision for their specific organization.

Patient Care

Our team focuses on improved patient outcomes. We are constantly evaluating primary/secondary research and best practices to achieve this goal. Our designs reflect the evidence that produces better patient care.

We are always striving to improve. As more and more data is made available, we evaluate and adjust. Our healthcare designs are continually evolving to create the desired outcomes for the healthcare provider and ultimately the patients, whom we all serve.

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