Published January 15, 2024

MSKTD Employees Buck National Trend, Build an Entire Career in One Place

We asked several of our employees why they initially joined MSKTD and why they stayed for their whole career. Here’s what they said.


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average time people work for an employer is four years. It’s a trend that has stayed steady since 2020, and it’s a statistic that probably won’t change any time soon—except at MSKTD, that is.


In fact, we blow that statistic out of the water. Here at MSKTD, the average number of years our employees have worked with us is 17—more than four times the national average! With 13 employees working here 30 years or longer, and 11 employees working here at least 20 years, we’re racking up a pretty good track record.


So why do people come to work at MSKTD and choose to stay? We asked them that very question. Here’s what they said.


“I can’t promise you’ll stay for almost four decades,” said Nikki Moriarty (37 years), “but we offer the stability, family atmosphere and opportunity for growth for those who want to!”


“I like the people that I work with,” said Rick Rambo (21 years), “and the projects have been interesting. A lot of the projects also presented an opportunity for exploring different design options, and they have been fun.”


“When I interviewed for the job at MSKTD,” said Jackie Frane (38 years), “I knew it was the right fit…small enough to feel like family but big enough to grow professionally. MSKTD has been the perfect fit for me,” she said. “I have literally worked here my entire adult life, and it feels like family. I have always felt respected and appreciated. I love the fact that I work with everyone, not just one or two individuals. No two projects are the same, so there is a lot of variety in my job.”


“Over the years,” said Jan Warner (38 years), “I was able to build an incredible career. What I love the most is that MSKTD is my family away from my family. My kids grew up with a lot of people here. Family does indeed come first with MSKTD.”


“MSKTD treats their employees well and is very flexible if any needs arise that would cause you to need any adjustments to your hours,” said Lisa Warren (34 years).


“I’m at a place that allows me to work on some great projects with some great people,” said Kerry Schoeph (31 years). “Going to work is never difficult if you like what you’re doing and the people you’re working with. From the day I started, I’ve always felt MSKTD is like a second family. They will give you the opportunity to grow, learn, and be your best.”


“I had always prided myself in working for smaller local businesses because of the close-knit community that they offer, and MSKTD didn’t let me down,” said Ty Fritz (25 years). “MSKTD took me in, taught me the ropes, and gave me the opportunity to work on a large number of amazing projects.”


“When I was hired, I quickly learned MSKTD provided excellent opportunities for me to grow my skills while working on increasingly complex building and project delivery methods,” said Christine Spatt (38 years). “I have done a wide variety of projects over 38 years. No two are alike, so the learning opportunities are always available.”


“MSKTD was building the Ball Communications building when I was at Ball State University.  After I decided to move to Fort Wayne, I knew that MSKTD was working on the more prominent projects in town,” said Rick Dahlstrom (32 years). “I wanted to be a part of the activity. I’ve had the opportunity to work on large and sometimes complicated projects. If you want to be a well-rounded architect or engineer, you’ll get that knowledge and experience from the people who work here.”