Dairy & Nutritionals

Hygienic Design


  • New receiving bays
  • 35,000 s.f. packaging and warehouse addition
  • Silo alley addition

AURORA ORGANIC DAIRY, Columbia, Missouri

  • New 140,000 s.f. plant with ASRS tower
  • Silo alley addition


BYRNE DAIRY, Syracuse, New York

  • New construction 75,000 s.f. dairy plant (55,000 s.f. yogurt production/10,000 s.f. cheese production/10,000 s.f. office/observation and shared spaces). Facility will be connected to Byrne’s Agro-Tourism Center and will have its own on-site pre-treatment facility.


  • 160,000 s.f. milk processing plant that will process approximately 640 million pounds of milk each year for milk protein concentrate and skim milk powder.


  • World’s largest yogurt production facility at 1,000,000 s.f..
  • Facility is new hub for Chobani in western US. Located on 200 acres, the plant is designed for future expansion.
  • Corporate offices (in design)
  • 2013, U.S. “Food Plant of the Year” – Food Engineering
  • 2013, U.S. “Design-Build Project of the Year” – DBIA


Brattleboro, Vermont

  • New greenfield 40,000 s.f. yogurt plant, produces yogurt under private label and co-pack arrangements. Class II dairy processing facility utilizes alternative energy sources and is designed to accept milk from the open market as well as segregated milk streams.
  • 22,000 s.f. addition with DAF room.

Casa Grande, Arizona

  • New greenfield 93,000 s.f. dairy plant including 3-bay tanker receiving area, R&D and QA labs, process areas, cooler, dry storage, etc.


Portales, New Mexico – Multiple renovations, additions, and production upgrades 2001 to present

  • Grand master site plan.
  • Renovation and addition of receiving bays to be capable of handling 230 dairy tankers per day.
  • Warehouse renovation and additional shipping docks.
  • New laboratory and employee welfare addition.
  • New 10,000 s.f. wet processing area.
  • New silo additions to accommodate over 1,250,000 gallons of milk.

El Dorado Springs, Missouri

  • 40,000 s.f. warehouse and 110’ tall milk powder dryer additions.
  • Dryer Addition.
  • 2006 expansion study.

Allerton, Iowa

  • New dryer and several building additions and renovations over multiple years to existing dairy processing facility.

Bruce, Wisconsin

  • Structural Repairs and Renovation within Cheese Production Plant


Fort Wayne, Indiana – MSKTD has been working on projects at Edy’s Wells Street facility since 1985, taking the facility from production of 2.0 mil gallons per year to 76.0 mil gallons per year. It is one of the the largest ice cream plants in the world – over 400,000 s.f. and growing.

  • Work has included the site master plan, shipping and distribution docks, freezer and warehouse additions, VRT hardener, high density freezer box, silos, quality labs, offices, locker and break areas, converting original plant to new ice cream plant, designing and installing complete ice cream process and freezing lines, designing and installing raw and pasteurized systems, expanding CIP and sweetener systems, increasing plant capacity several times, increasing refrigeration capacity several times, installing waste water system, novelty lines for Nestle, consolidating Nestle operations into this facility.

Union City, California

  • Research and Development facility needs assessment study.

Gaithersburg, Maryland

  • Loading dock renovation and upgrading.
  • Complete renovation of offices and truck service facility.
  • Feasibility study for expansion of existing freezer box.


  • Warehouse and process area addition and new laboratory facilities for powdered and condensed milk producer.


GLANBIA FOODS INC., Gooding, Idaho

  • Process addition

GLANBIA FOODS INC., Saint Johns, Michigan

  • New 460,000 s.f. cheese & whey plant

GOOD HUMOR/BREYERS, Huntington, Indiana

Multiple production upgrades over 20 years.

  • Sanitary liquid produce receiving.
  • Additional raw milk tanks.
  • Plant expansion for new production lines and relocation of existing elevated storage tanks.
  • Freeze box re-work (-20E F.)
  • Silo alley expansion.

GRANDE CHEESE, Juda and Brownville, Wisconsin

  • Multiple projects and production upgrades since 1998.

KEY INGREDIENTS, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

  • Needs assessment study for a new cheese flavor facility.

MCCARTY DAIRY, Rexford, Kansas

  • New dairy processing facility adjacent to existing milking parlor.

MEIJER DAIRY, Holland, Michigan

  • Addition and renovations to existing dairy plant, including 3 new tanker receiving bays.


Multiple master plan updates, additions, renovations, and production upgrades 1988 to present; including

  • Five year phased renovation to existing facility (all completed without plant shutdown). Phase I: New office and lab area, new utility infrastructure, 60′ tall evaporator tower. Demolition of existing building – 567,000 cu.ft. Phase II: New processing area, totaling 120,000 cu.ft. Phase III: New product receiving area, totaling 260,000 cu.ft. Phase IV: 300,000 cu.ft. new production and C.I.P. area and 8 – 50,000 gallon storage tanks.
  • New receiving project
  • New 110’ tall milk dryer facility.
  • Butter area addition/renovations
  • This facility is capable of handling over 3 million pounds of milk per day
  • 2010,  “Project of the Year;” – DBIA (Great Lakes Region)

MOUNTAIN DAIRY, Denver, Colorado

  • 260,000 sf milk processing plant including receiving, production plant, cold storage, support and utility spaces, sanitation and utility corridors, office space, and employee welfare areas.


  • 489,600 cu.ft. blending, wet processing and dryer building addition that manufactures casein protein.
  • Facility upgrade and addition in 2009. New dryer, processing and dairy receiving.

PERRIGO, Covington, Ohio

  • Several building and dryer renovations and additions to existing dairy facility.
  • Master planning.


Ice Cream Plant, Phoenix, Arizona

  • Renovation and addition for production lines.
  • Re-commission and repurpose existing plant into a working ice cream facility.
  • 2003, “Best Project under $25 mil – Industrial Process Sector” – DBIA (Western Pacific Region)

Milk Processing Plant, San Leandro, California

  • 14,000 s.f. building addition, renovation and facility upgrade to an existing dairy facility.


St. ALBANS CREAMERY, St. Albans, Vermont

  • New dairy receiving complex and existing facility renovations


C.F. SAUER FOODS WEST, New Century Air Park, Kansas

  • New 238,000 s.f. food processing facility.
  • 16 shipping and receiving docks, with 5 rail tanker receiving stations.
  • 40° F cooler and loading dock.
  • One million lbs. of margarine per day production rate

SMITH DAIRY, Tolleson, Arizona

  • Milk and cream silo installation, upgraded facility capacity.
  • New production lines.

SOUTHERN ICE CREAM, Marietta, Georgia

  • Structural renovations and re-roofing of existing -25° F freezer warehouse.

WESTFARM FOODS, Sunnyside, Washington

  • Dryer Relocation and new dryer building.

YOPLAIT (GENERAL MILLS), Reed City, Michigan

  • New 9,800 +/- s.f. stand-alone dairy receiving and processing facility including: 2-bay tanker receiving area; processing area; CIP room; employee & trucker spaces; pads for 7 silos; and a second floor with utility and MCC areas.